Getting Closer Every Day

TransformationsGetting Closer Everyday (GCE) offers amazing free support!
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Getting Closer Everyday (GCE) offers amazing free support!

GCE is an amazing, supportive group that shows the flipside of social media. No promotions or negativity encountered.

I have found that this group has helped to keep me on track with my goals and aspire to higher goals. It has offered helpful challenges that has helped me to blast through my plateau and achieve my 50 pound weight loss!


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Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a better job, be more confident or just trying to live the happiest life you can. Just know with hard work, accountability, and a supportive community that surrounds you, that you can achieve anything! You won’t likely get there in a day, but you can get yourself closer than you were yesterday. Reach out if you need more support or want to work with us!