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Getting Closer Everyday is Changing Lives 10lbs at a Time.

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When I think of what I'm thankful for this holiday season, I would have to say as crazy as it sounds that it would have to be my struggle with losing my 140lbs and being stuck for so long. Without that struggle I would never have created our free Getting Closer Everyday Communities. EST. 2015 These [...]

Jenna Transformed Herself — and Now Helps Others do the Same

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For the thousands of people in her Facebook group and visiting her website, Jenna Leveille is a motivating force for transformation, serving up the kind of enthusiasm and support that’s crucial for crushing any goal. But that passion doesn’t come from a life spent as an elite athlete or top-ranked trainer. She draws her inspiration from needing [...]

‘How I Finally Lost 140 Pounds After Years Of Dieting’ Jenna Leveille had tried every plan out there. BY DANIELLE PAGE

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How I Finally Lost 140 Pounds After Years Of Dieting' Jenna Leveille had tried every plan out there. BEFORE: 270AFTER: 130I've worked in the media industry for almost 20 years, and for most of my career, my job involved entertaining clients—which meant taking them out for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and drinks. A typical breakfast would be French toast [...]

What Dieting Won’t Teach You: My 139lb Weight Loss Journey & Why it Worked – SPAFINDER Interview

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Spafinder Interview: How did I change my life? First, instead of telling myself I had to lose over 100+ pounds, I started thinking about weight loss in 10 pound increments so it was more manageable in my head. I also donated my clothes as they became too big to wear. I never wanted to have larger [...]

Together is better and accountability is key!

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We are a community of like minded people. We’re peddling a healthier and a happier life for everyone. The magic pills, quick fixes turned out to be a hoax so we’ve built a community that offers accountability through community—confidence through coaching (yup, affirmations and mantras) and most importantly, happiness through helping others and yourself. Jump in [...]