Restore Med Clinic

Restore Med Clinic


At Restore Med Clinic, we can unlock your body’s regenerative powers with innovative regenerative therapy, reducing inflammation, stimulating new cell and tissue growth, reducing chronic inflammation, and enhance natural healing. Our medical clinics in Newport Beach and Malibu are at the cutting edge of research into health optimization and regenerative medicine. We offer groundbreaking treatments to stimulate natural healing and anti-aging.


At Restore Med Clinic, we offer an expansive portfolio of internal and external treatments delivered by our diverse team of medical specialists that work together so you can experience extraordinary improvements in your appearance, natural vitality, and overall health and wellness. Use our GCE2020 to get 20% off treatments/procedures.  Call today for your free phone or video consultaion.  Call 949-503-9621.

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Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a better job, be more confident or just trying to live the happiest life you can. Just know with hard work, accountability, and a supportive community that surrounds you, that you can achieve anything! You won’t likely get there in a day, but you can get yourself closer than you were yesterday.