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Drop the Headache

Drop It® was founded by Jennifer Corcoran, CEO of WineRX, the makers of Drop It®. Like many great products, the creation of Drop It® was developed out of a simple desire. Jenny could not enjoy one simple glass of wine without a throbbing headache. The solution was more complex; after 2 years of research, laboratory experiments, and successful testing in Napa Valley—Drop It® was launched to the public. The result is an all-natural, effective, easy-to-use, discreet, quick, and safe drop that is placed in wine resulting in the ability to enjoy the social, cultural, and health benefits of wine without affecting the taste. Drop It® is THE only product in its class that reduces both sulfites and tannins. Roughly 36 Million adults in the United States suffer from some form of wine intolerance. While this is primarily seen in women, men can experience similar issues too.


Go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine with friends and family without the headache. Drop It is the only all-natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine. Drop It is entirely portable, so add a few drops to your favorite glass or bottle of red, white, or sparkling wine for a more enjoyable experience. Remember to use our 20% off code:  GCE20.




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