Dietbet – Getting Closer Everyday – April, May, and June Below


So many of you have reached out about more dietbets and we have the next 3 months blocked for you to join some or all. If dietbets are not your thing no worries we have many more tools, challenges, and wellness options for you to take advantage of in the pinned post on FB or visit

If you want to join April’s diet bet you actually have until the 14th and if you wait that long you will have a harder time getting your weigh in and % to goal. So jump in quick if you want to join us in April. All 3 months are linked below. 👊




Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a better job, be more confident or just trying to live the happiest life you can. Just know with hard work, accountability, and a supportive community that surrounds you, that you can achieve anything! You won’t likely get there in a day, but you can get yourself closer than you were yesterday. Reach out if you need more support or want to work with us!