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8 Ways to Say Bye Bye to Cellulite

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Nobody’s body is flawless, and cellulite is just one of the imperfections that can potentially drive us crazy. And here’s the reality of it: Cellulite affects up to 90 percent of women, and that number may be higher. Cellulite is also something men deal with, though at a far less rate than females. But there are numerousways to fight cellulite on the market—and even treatments to try at home. We like these DYI remedies and non-invasive spa treatments to help you minimize the look of dimpled skin. Keep reading, as we’ve listed just 8 of many (we told you cellulite is a common problem).

Give cellulite the brush off, just in time for summer’s arrival.

Treating Cellulite, from Dry Brushing to Special Massage

  1. Fitness: Regular flexibility, strength training and cardio exercises keep skin taut and firm muscle mass for a smoother look. Exercise also helps burn fat, which leads to cellulite. 
  2. A healthy, balanced diet: Load up on lean proteins, fruits and veggies, as well as high water content foods like watermelon, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper.
  3. Topical creams: Search for lotions enriched with ingredients like retinol (studies have shown it thickens skin and builds collagen). Indulge in self-massage in cellulite-prone areas after you shower or bathe. 
  4. Dry brushing: Yes, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation whilst eliminating dead layers of skin and impurities (the best part—you can do this at home; make it a habit prior to showering and using a body scrub). Spas also offer dry brushing treatments, which are the ultimate way to give cellulite the brush off. 
  5. Body wraps: Spa treatments like seaweed wraps or coffee wraps are said to improve the appearance of dimpled areas for a short stint. 
  6. Endermologie:  This unique French massage therapy is said to reduce cellulite’s presence by stimulating natural fat release and firming skin. Sixty seven percent of clients saw cellulite diminish after three sessions, according to the manufacturer.
  7. Massage: Boosts circulation, which in turn reduces inflammation–a common culprit behind cellulite 
  8. Spray tan or self-tanner: An easy way to help hide uneven skin tone caused by cellulite. If you don’t see it, is your cellulite still there? Yes, but you’ll feel more comfortable in skimpy shorts and tops. 

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