Our Dance-Inspired Fitness is…

Our workout combines dance-inspired cardio and toning set to motivating music. What are you waiting for?  Go dance and use our discounted code and receive ONE MONTH of Dancebody for $8.74 a month. Normally $34.99 a month. PROMO CODE:  DBJENNA

With dance at the heart of it, we Keep Moving.  Our set choreography changes every three months.  I’m not a dancer, can I take these classes?  YES! (…we love newbies!) Our classes are designed for you to experience a dance-inspired workout with no prior dance experience.  Most of our clients are self-proclaimed non-dancers, proving you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one.

We suggest starting with a Follow Along, Sculpt, or Express class first if you are new to dance-fitness.

 You can also try the 7-day free trial by using our dedicated link, but I would just go for it and get started on your routine today with our ONE MONTH OFFER at $8.74. Go have fun and dance!

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