Why You Should Consider Adding CBD Massages to Your 2020 Wellness Routine

If you haven’t jumped on the CBD massage train yet, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. As a leading CBD skincare brand created for spas, we can tell you why our spa partners, and their clients, keep coming back for more. Three words: Quality, wellness, and results. As huge advocates of massage, […]

Real Self-Love = New Year, New Patterns SERVING YOUR HIGHEST AND BEST SELF

With 2020 looming, it is tempting to look for ways to “reset” our lives with traditional New Year’s resolutions. Truth be told, these resolutions rarely pay off with the behavior changes that we desire.   The “New Year, New You” mentality implies that there’s something wrong with us that needs to be scrapped and reconstructed. Perhaps […]

Shop Holiday Wellness this Season with Great Savings!

Baby Christmas is sooner than you think! Shop Holiday Wellness this Season with Great Savings on Getting Closer Everyday! Check out our partner’s page and shop page. For corporate or wholesale discounts reach out to and we will connect you to our partner expert. We hope you will come with us on our retreats in 2020! […]

Why your hair should be included in your anti-aging regimen.

Aging is inevitable. But, having that “aged” look is not. Just flip through any magazine; go online or put on the TV and you’ll come across countless anti-aging products, treatments and tips. While most women look to maintain a youthful appearance by keeping themselves in shape with diet, exercise and using products to reduce wrinkles and sagging […]

JOY BAUER’S New Book Yummy Yoga!

A wildly imaginative introduction to yoga and nutrition by bestselling author, professional nutritionist, and beloved TV personality Joy Bauer Written by beloved health expert Joy Bauer, Yummy Yoga is a fun and fresh introduction to yoga and nutrition. Click on link below to purchase your book and darling Yummy Yoga Flash Card game for kiddos. […]

GCE Retreat Adventures! 50% off and more.

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Fit Farm + GCE Retreat + 50% off!

Fit Farm and Getting Closer Every Day (GCE) has teamed up to give you the fitness retreat adventure you’ve been dreaming about! Kick start or restart your fitness commitment! Choose from Weekend Warriors dates and/or a (1) Week-Stay option. If you want longer options – we have them. Call Fit Farm to schedule and use […]

Campowerment + GCE Retreat

Just connected with an amazing community of women who are in each other’s corners! They’re growing and playing and learning and connecting to themselves and other incredible do-ers at @Campowerment! Register for their Nov 1st retreat in (beautiful!) Ojai, CA and take $100 off when you use my code: GCERETREAT Oprah, @TheTODAYShow (4x!), @The Hollywood […]

One of our favorite GCE members!

Getting Closer Everyday (GCE) offers amazing free support!

GCE is an amazing, supportive group that shows the flipside of social media. No promotions or negativity encountered. I have found that this group has helped to keep me on track with my goals and aspire to higher goals. It has offered helpful challenges that has helped me to blast through my plateau and achieve […]

GCE is an encouraging and inspiring a safe place to share your journey.

I enjoy The Getting Closer Everyday Accountability Facebook Group very much. It’s a very encouraging and inspiring a safe place to share your journey. Everyone has a welcoming attitude! It teaches us that we all have to start somewhere. For me since I has been a member I utilize it to share and inspire others […]

NON-SCALE VICTORY! Getting my sweat on today!

I’m finally HOME after 41 days of travel including 8 flights. I went fromUAE to TX. From TX to FL. From FL to AL and back to FL. Then from FL back to TX. Then from TX back to UAE! During this trip I had a birthday and we celebrated Thanksgiving. I had follow up […]

100lbs Gone Forever

It seemed like it took forever to get here, but I’m so thrilled to have learned so much about living a strong healthy life! My daughter will grow up with a healthy happy mommy because of it! Thank you Getting Closer Everyday (GCE) Chrystal

We have two choices each day.

Make excuses or make something happen. The choice is ours. Jenna thank you for showing us all that we can choose to change our lives for the better, giving us a renewed sense of self, energy and enthusiasm. Your accomplishments are admirable, amazing and truly inspirational!! Keep up the great work! Jane Wilkens Michael

Orange-Chamomile Blondies by Joy Bauer, Health and Nutrition expert.

These are a must try recipe by Joy Bauer! Healthy and sweet to curve all those cravings and satisfy your pallet. Our community members are often looking for a healthier treat and these Orange-Chamomile Blondies do not disappoint! You will be surprised be the ingredients. Check out the link and make your batch today. -Photo […]

Joy Bauer, Health and Nutrition expert, created this amazing Kale Pasta Pesto dish!

What a beautiful and healthy dish by Joy Bauer! There is nothing better than the smell and taste of fresh pesto. Food that is designed to fill your soul in the healthiest form. Click on the link below to make this amazing recipe. Great for lunches and dinners. Try it today! -Photo Credit Lucy Schaeffer

Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a better job, be more confident or just trying to live the happiest life you can. Just know with hard work, accountability, and a supportive community that surrounds you, that you can achieve anything! You won’t likely get there in a day, but you can get yourself closer than you were yesterday.