About GCE

Getting Closer Everyday is everything wellness for everyone! GCE has a platform that supports the best products, services, and offers free accountability support!

I’ve shared my weight loss story in the hopes to help other people who are suffering or have given up on themselves. You have to power to change your life! After my daughter was born in 2001, I couldn’t take off the pregnancy weight and got up to 270 pounds. For 13 years, I went on every crash diet you can imagine. You name it, I tried it, probably more than 50+ diets in all.

In 2013, I was finally inspired to make a real change. I lost 140lbs in a year and a half and have kept it off through accountability and support. I created free accountability communities and private groups to help others who needed an extra lift in their life.

Now this is really where I want you to LISTEN. I never had a health scare until after I lost my weight. I needed to have a hysterectomy that was coming for me like it or not! I had a scary incident in post-op that required me to have CPR. I often wonder if my heavier self would have survived. My doctors said, not likely. So, when you’re looking for inspiration to be a healthier version of yourself, just remember it could be preparation to beat the unexpected things in life.

Start today! Our free communities bring support and kindness to everyone! It is unlike any other group! The story is not about me and my journey. The story is about people supporting each other who are battling the same issues and don’t have to do it alone. We’ve grown to nearly 75K+ followers across our social media platforms. And reached over 3+ million people here on gettingclosereveryday.com in 2018 and growing!

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