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We all have the power to crush our goals.

My experience has been immeasurable, and I’m excited for the next chapter in my life!  Are you ready?

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Getting Closer Everyday is going to help you set your goals, deadlines to achieve your goals and ways you can check in along the way.  Getting Closer Everyday is going to put some tools in place to drive accountability and put you in a community of like-minded individuals both locally and globally for you to lean on, learn from and succeed with.

Through goal setting, support, coaching and accountability you can literally achieve anything.

We all have the power to crush our goals.  Believe that you can have anything.  Learn what work you need to do to get it.  It will likely require a lot of work to get you where you want to go–we will keep you engaged and excited on your journey–remember the idea is not for radical change overnight–but to get you closer everyday.  


Getting Closer Every Day is dedicated to you!

Simply put, I want to help you achieve  one step at a time.

II’ve shared my weight loss story in the hopes to help other people who are suffering or have given up on themselves. You have to power to change your life!  After my daughter was born in 2001, I couldn’t take off the pregnancy weight and got up to 270 pounds. For 13 years after that, I went on every crash diet you can imagine. You name it, I tried it, probably more than 50 diets in all. I was always dieting for something: an event, to get into a dress, to get in shape for a vacation ….

In 2013, I was finally inspired to make a real change. I was sedentary but I was working with all these great people who were getting up early to work out, and that got the ball rolling. My team in Denver was my biggest inspiration.

I was referred to a trainer who told me to meet him at a Centennial gym called Landow Performance, which turned out to be a Broncos training facility. I walked in the first day and saw Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker and other pro athletes. I thought I was in the wrong place—but it turns out I could not have found a better gym. After a week of being there, these guys were high-fiving me and cheering me on.

I start posting about my workouts and diet—which consisted of high protein, low fat, low carb and no sugar. And I mean no sugar: I limited myself to 20 grams of sugar a day, which meant I could eat one apple every two days. Soon, friends and family began reaching out via Facebook or text asking me, “Did you work out today?” That helped me be accountable and really focus on all the support I was getting and be strict about my diet. I felt like I was beating this—finally!— and when friends would ask me to go out to happy hour or dinner, I’d say, “Ask me to do something else,” and we’d go on a hike or walk instead. I saw my trainer 2-3 times a week.  It just helped me have a place to be accountable.  I exercised a lot on my own.  I would walk my dog everywhere and stopped driving to the store when I needed just a few things.

One of my biggest cheerleaders kept saying to me, “You’re getting closer everyday,” so when I had a bad day, progress was slow or I was getting frustrated, I’d remember that phrase—and that’s why I launched the website gettingclosereveryday.com and its corresponding Facebook community, which includes everyone from nutritionists and yoga instructors to people who want to lose 15 pounds and people in the 300- to 500-pound range.

So many people in the community asked me what supplements I used to stay healthy while losing weight so my “dream team” decided to make them available here and on gcemd.com.  Finally, after I lost 140 pounds, I felt healthy, happy and free, so I decided to put the cherry on top and have a breast lift and tuck. It was the first surgery I’d ever had, and though it wasn’t a walk in the park, it was priceless for me. Nine months later, I needed to have a hysterectomy and had a scary incident in post-op that required CPR. I often wonder if my heavier self would have survived. So when you’re looking for inspiration to be a healthier version of yourself, just remember it could be preparation to beat the unexpected things in life.

10 important things I’ve learned
1. Write down your goals and read them every day before you do anything else.
2. Take it 10 pounds at a time; it’s less overwhelming.
3. Tell everyone you are getting healthy and really need their support. Not everyone knows how to be supportive; maybe you shared bad habits together. Whatever it is, make sure you stay strong and firm. And no matter what believe in your untapped power within!
4. Be accountable! If you need a partner but don’t have someone to buddy up with, join our free Facebook group.
5. Don’t worry about your skin sagging after weight loss. It can turn into an excuse not to start.
6. Move earlier in the morning so your day doesn’t get away from you.
7. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Add lemon if possible.
8. Reduce your carbs after 2 p.m. And remember: An apple a day but not much more. Sugar is sugar and it can slow your progress.
9. Get a pedometer to track your steps. It’s a great, inexpensive way to keep yourself motivated and accountable about how much you move.
10. If you fail one day, try, try, again. And be kind to yourself! Fill your brain with thoughts that move you forward, and then pass them on.

Life will always deliver us challenges.  It seems the older we get these challenges become a little bit more overwhelming.  With that being said, stand up!  Dust yourself off again and begin your movement in our community.  Together we will be getting closer everyday!

Jenna Leveille

What People Have To Say

Mommy’s happy hour!! Cardio Day! My favorite day!! Gives me time to go over meal plans, workouts or whatever else my amazing fitness coach gives me as an encouragement on my journey!! JennaLeveille thanks for being states away yet coaching me through the hardest and most stressful health journey — ever! 3 kids, one body, lots of support! So worth it!

Kelly Umphenour, Vancouver, Washington

That’s my friend Jenna Leveille, on the cover of this month’s “First for Women Magazine”! She lost over 135 lbs and regained her life. I hope those of you struggling with weight issues…or any issues, really…can be inspired by her story, her hard work, her dedication….and her love of life!!


Jenna Leveille! You’re such an inspiration! I love the person you are! God truly knows who and when to put someone into our life! He knows our struggles and our cry for help!  It’s not just about the weight loss. It’s so spiritual what you have brought to my life. I have been in so many groups, met so many people and I just knew there was something special with GCE! God bless you! Never stop!

Lacey Walker, Columbus, Ohio