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    Schinanegans! High jacked by your twin sisters. 😂 ...

    Great Mother's day gifts. 💕

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    Excited for more music magic and summer adventures! Life is about experiences and we are good at seeking out all the fun life has to offer. 🎼✈️🎤

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    Post One: 💕 There is nothing more beautiful than watching someone's dreams come true. I discovered @teddyswims404 on the @todayshow and this song he played. I instantly was a fan! What a beautiful heartfelt show he and his crew put on in Denver. So inspiring!

    What a storyteller. What an amazing ride in this thing called life. Keep shining and believing in everything.

    🎶 It's the sound of the rain coming down when you fall asleep
    It's a call from a friend that you love, but never get to see
    All the time you can waste tryna chase what you'll never need
    Hope you back around to simple things

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    Waiting for the snow to melt. Time to fly towards the desert.

    👉 If you could live in two states where would it be and why?

    Have a great weekend!

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    Make it a great week and if things seem overwhelming take 10 seconds to reduce your anxiety.

    You got this.

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