We all have the power to crush our goals.

My experience has been immeasurable!  I’m excited to support you on your journey.  Contact me today.

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Getting Closer Everyday is going to help you set your goals and deadlines to achieve your best self!  GCE will put tools in place to drive accountability and put you in a community of like-minded individuals both locally and globally for you to lean on, learn from, and succeed with. We all have the power within!  Learn what work you need to do to achieve it and we will help you get you closer everyday.


Getting Closer Every Day, because you’re worth it!

We want to help you achieve  one step at a time. 

What People Have To Say

Mommy’s happy hour!! Cardio Day! My favorite day!! Gives me time to go over meal plans, workouts or whatever else my amazing fitness coach gives me as an encouragement on my journey!! JennaLeveille thanks for being states away yet coaching me through the hardest and most stressful health journey — ever! 3 kids, one body, lots of support! So worth it!

Kelly Umphenour, Vancouver, Washington

That’s my friend Jenna Leveille, on the cover of this month’s “First for Women Magazine”! She lost over 135 lbs and regained her life. I hope those of you struggling with weight issues…or any issues, really…can be inspired by her story, her hard work, her dedication….and her love of life!!


Jenna Leveille! You’re such an inspiration! I love the person you are! God truly knows who and when to put someone into our life! He knows our struggles and our cry for help!  It’s not just about the weight loss. It’s so spiritual what you have brought to my life. I have been in so many groups, met so many people and I just knew there was something special with GCE! God bless you! Never stop!

Lacey Walker, Columbus, Ohio