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Getting Closer Everyday was founded on the fundamental idea that life is supposed to be happy and that born within every one of us is the power to do anything.  We have the power inside us to be everything we want to be, but it’s not always easy to tap into our power.  Often it’s easier just to believe that this is all there is, and the things we want just aren’t meant for us and that somehow we’re different, we’re lesser than others and we just weren’t meant to have that great body or that higher-paying job or more meaningful connections with others and ourselves. Sometimes we blame destiny or our parents or our job situation or our relationship status…. It’s just not true.

The only thing standing between you and whatever your perfect heart desires…is you (and those pesky little excuses you keep telling yourself).   Getting Closer Everyday is going to help you set your goals, deadlines to achieve your goals and ways you can check in along the way.  Getting Closer Everyday is going to put some tools in place to drive accountability and put you in a community of like-minded individuals both locally and globally for you to lean on, learn from and succeed with.   Through goal setting, support, coaching and accountability you can literally achieve anything.
ROME wasn’t built in a day and it wasn’t built by one person. Without question, it will likely require a lot of work to get you where you want to go–we will keep you engaged and excited on your journey–remember the idea is not for radical change overnight–but to get you closer everyday.